About Us

Event management company “ReKurai”, which has been organizing events of all formats since 2009, grew up and became an event service group “ReKurai Group”.

Our customers need more diverse, integrated services, so our transformation into an event service group is a natural stage in the company’s growth.


Establishment of the public institution “ReKurai”


  • Becoming an official partner in the organization and communication of events of the international festival “Kino pavasaris”
  • According to the daily newspaper “Verslo žinios”, we are gaining a foothold in the event organization market among the three largest companies in the country


Reorganization of activities into UAB “ReKūrai LT”


Albert Games branding


  • Reconnect – Creating a Virtual Event Platform
  • Debut in the sector of certified medical events


  • Becoming an event service group “ReKurai Group”
  • Creating a Rebox brand
  • “Bumblebees (kamantinėjimai)” – the debut of the first podcast about creators and characters
  • Amber Prize Special Jury Award for best corporate event


“Revolution” – the initiation of the only annual convention of event market professionals and enthusiasts in the Baltic States and organizesvimas

Business philosophy


Our most important advantage in the event services market. Many of us dare to implement the ideas we have invented only after a few years. We are the creators of progressive trends. The education of the team of theater, cultural history and anthropology and event directing gives an advantage in the development of conceptual dramaturgy of events and the creation of a surprise (wow) effect.

Clients value us most of all for the penetration of thought and idea into unexpected decisions, the flow of emotion and the explosion of the climax.


This is our daily task, focused on creating the content value of the event service. Each event is designed to convey a specific message, which is the axis of the gift, TV show or event and the directorial decisions created for it.

Experience in the field of public relations has developed the ability to create an effective dissemination of the event for both internal and external communication projects. We help to refine the goal, because we strive to ensure that the customer’s investments in the project have a return.


We are precisely demanding of ourselves and our partners, because only quality encourages us to grow, think and create more progressively. The pursuit of the best result gives motivation to the evolution of new ideas and satisfaction emotions. We implement each project as our own.

Responsibility, foresight, attention to detail, cultural values and experience ensure that we have thehighest level of customer loyalty and the position of the strongest market participants.


  • The implementation of creative solutions: from utopia to reality
  • Leadership inthe event industry, developing trends and implementing professional events and integrated event services
  • To create the progress of society and industry through the implementation of aesthetic and innovative directorial solutions
  • Creating the prestige of the profession of an event organizer
  • Responsibly create added value for the user of events and integrated services
  • Long-term relationships with partners, suppliers and customers based on trust


  • To be the first choice for employees, partners and customers
  • To be the most sought-after employer for the most talented organizers in the country
  • Become the largest event service company in the country no later than 2027.


  • Happiness: everyone at events must feel happy
  • Ambitions to be the best at every level
  • Progress: to provoke yourself every day for new creative discoveries