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International Event Industry Forum, Event Management, Business Gifts, Medical Conferences, TV Production, Virtual Event Platform

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Event management

The agency for event organization and communication services, which unites professional event creators, was established in 2009.

We are experts in our field, providing high-level conference, training, event organization and communication and producer services.

At the International Nordic-Baltic Forum “Amber Prize”, we became the winners of the special jury prize – the award for the best corporate event.

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Šampano taurės.

Event Industry Forum

The only one in the Baltic States, the annual congress of event market professionals and enthusiasts, bringing together over 3000 participants.

More than 100 event organization, communication and marketing and HR professionals will tell their success stories, share experiences and useful content to help them better understand the event market, its challenges and trends.


During the awards, the authors of the best ideas and the best events and their organizers will be honored.


For those looking for partners or services selling goods or services.

Networking party

An environment for participants to share impressions, meet old friends or make new acquaintances.

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The art of giving

Authentic gift sets for business, celebration, everyday life. Rebox, a platform for gift ideas and packaging, is part of the ReKurai group of companies.

Since 2009, we have been creating and managing mass events in all formats. We know what kind of event and what kind of gift for a person creates a mood and wow effect, so we ensure a good experience for every Rebox buyer and recipient of the gift.

Einstein-inspired games

In 1904, Albert Einstein, aged 25, could be seen by people pushing a baby stroller on the streets of the Swiss city of Bern, stopping here and there, ignoring the cork around him and writing mathematical symbols in his notebook.

The notebook was lying in a wheelchair along with his little son, whose name was also Albert. Subsequently, these symbols influenced important ideas.

Virvės tempimas.
We opened the legendary Albert notebook and prepared for you the Albert Games, during which you will get acquainted with this legendary scientist and his discoveries that you will have to experience. So welcome to the Albert Games!
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Show about events

In the podcast “Bumblebees (Kamantinėjimai). About creators and characters” presents conversations with interesting, accomplished or distinctive people from different fields. The show wants to show the viewer the often invisible side of events, tell trends and share the most interesting experiences of people working in the field of events.

Pokalbis lauke.
Dialogas meno studijoje.

Virtual Event Platform

As the possibilities of live gatherings changed and new business communication trends were formed, we were the first to create the only multifunctional virtual event platform “Reconnect” in Lithuania for the Lithuanian and Danish markets.

We’ve refined the most important features that will make your virtual event stand out among the rest today. 10000-seat virtual arena, live broadcast, filmed with 4 cameras, interactions with the audience depicted, innovative design and non-standard options.

Online susitikimas.
Virtuali realybe.

Events for the medical industry

Certified international and local scientific medicine conferences.

Social actions for society

Discussion clubs

Creation of exhibition stands

Introductions of new drugs

Research presentations

Publicity services

Petri lėkštelė.

Exclusive dinner experience

Enjoy a delicious 4-course dinner and watch the show’s spectacular performances. Give yourself, a company of friends, a team or a company an entertainment event full of laughter and excitement.

Book tickets for our organized Christmas entertainment event, which is being created for 2023.